Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome to 'Hit Compile and Run!'

Welcome to my shiny new web blog, "Hit Compile and Run!"

It is most properly sung to the tune of... yeah, you guessed it. :)

Dedicated to my ongoing efforts to embrace and explore Embarcadero's ambitious 'true native' cross-platform vision for mobile computing using Delphi (and C++ Builder), this blog is a place of refuge for software engineers everywhere who believe they still have the right to code native applications for maximum performance - even, if not especially, on mobile platforms.

It also aspires to be a place where cross-platform Delphi/C++ coding discipline is emphasized. Real-world services, big-data issues, and custom non-visual components will be heavily featured over simplistic "Hello, World!-style examples.

Hope you enjoy it. :)

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